Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb Session

Somehow it has got to be today without me realizing it. The Feb Session of the Perth ALT.NET group is tonight. We are dissecting AutoMapper with the intent of:

  1. Understanding AutoMapper better
  2. Learning how we all approach a new code base
  3. Discussing AutoMapper coding/architectural style

We are starting at 5:45ish and are at 43 below (someone tell that they can’t have VB as beer of the month for a whole year please).

If you have a laptop please bring it because we are not sure we will have one. If you don’t want to discuss AutoMapper then come anyway. If you can’t steer the discussion where you want to go then at least there is beer.

Finally, due to family commitments I won’t be able to attend and I haven’t been able to organize this session. Thankfully Rhys has stepped in at the last minute to help out. If the session is cool then lavish praise on him as he’s put it together in literally 2 days. If the session sucks blame me for only giving him 2 days notice.

Have fun and I’ll see you next month.