Friday, March 26, 2010

April Session – The Rails Way

For this April’s session (14th April) Myles Eftos is coming along to demonstrate Rails development. Rails (and Ruby) have been very popular in the last decade and a lot of new language features (and new languages) will be influenced by “The Rails Way”(TM) of doing things. Also, I’m pretty sure that Myles is running Rails in IronRuby and has it talking to an Active Directory instance :o.

From Myles’ bio:

Myles started his freelance business MadPilot Productions in 2000 which has kept him fed and clothed. In between client work, Myles works on his pet time tracking system 88 Miles and is the events co-ordinator for The Australian Web Industry Association.

Although he makes no claims to being a designer, he oft dons a black skivvy, buys a mocha-latte and opens photoshop in a megre attempt to look cool. Thankfully his skills in Rails, PHP and JavaScript are much better, otherwise he may make the starving artist stereotype a reality

What: A demonstration of web development with rails
When: Wednesday 14th April. 6pm –> ?
Where: 43 Below Bar & Bistro, 43 Barrack Street Perth
Cost: Nothing**

Hope to see you there.

** For every person who does not come I shall drag a database table onto a form that gets used in a production app. One day you’ll have to maintain that. Muwahaha.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Session – Maybe

Heaps of people are not able to make tonights session and I haven’t been able to secure a projector (trying to organize on the day is a bad idea). I’ll still be at 43 below with beer and laptop if you want to drop by after work.

The good news is that I’m already working on getting a presenter in for next month. If you want to present (in May or as a backup for April) then drop me a line.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Perth Coffee

For those who haven’t been attending for whatever reason, a bunch of folks meet up every Tuesday at 1:30pm for coffee and a chat. This month we are meeting at Expresso77 in Allendale Square. Mitch maintains a notice at the top of the Perth .NET site (on the right) and I tend to tweet about it on the day. I also put a regular appointment in the Perth ALT.NET calendar. Hope to see you there.

March Session

The next meeting is Wednesday 10th March. I’d like to present on MEF but if anyone has any better ideas then I’m keen to hear them. One suggestion that I’ve had is that we build an IoC container with MSpec. If that sounds like the thing for you then come along and be vocal.

What: Drink Beer. Discuss .NET
When: Wednesday 10th March, 6pm –> ?
Where: 43 below, corner of Barrack and Hay
Cost: Free!