Thursday, February 12, 2009

Resources for the aspiring ALT.NETite

UPDATE 13/02/2009 - Added home for international VAN. Thanks to Richard Banks for the info

ALT.NET is a big topic and there are loads of resources out there for those that interested. Here is a quick sample of a few. Add yours into the comments:


  • - The official home of ALT.NET. The site itself is only really a couple of pages that act as a springboard off to other resources.
  • - The ALT.NET Wiki. This is the best launching pad for learning about ALT.NET. From here you will find definitions, articles, videos, tools, etc.
  • The ALT.NET Mailing List - A yahoo mailing list where the conversations take place. This list gives you access to many of the brightest guys in the industry and a lot of very interesting conversation. It can get a little heated at times but persevere.
  • Virtual ALT.NET Meetings (VANs) - These virtual meetings are frequently had over LiveMeeting and are often recorded for viewing them later. I normally find out about them on Twitter but they have a mailing list as well.
  • ALT.NET Podcast - Started by Mike Moore and now run by James Avery. So far there have been discussions around Ruby, Object Databases, Domain Driven Design, jQuery, and more.


  • - The home of the Australian ALT.NET community. Acts as an aggregation point for Aussie ALT.NET group activity and maintains several feeds for local community member blogs.
  • OzALT.NET Mailing List - Local mailing list for ALT.NET discussion
  • OzVANs? - There has been some discussion around running Australian Virtual ALT.NET Meetings. If anyone is keen, let me know. This could seriously help with the timezone issue


  • - This site. Your one stop shop for ALT.NET action in Perth. OK not quite but you will hear about the meetings here.
  • The meetings themselves - Thus far we have had one. We meet on the second Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm. In case you are from the future reading this I suggesting checking the homepage for details of the next meeting.


  1. The virtual alt net meetings can be found at There's a mailing list for subject ideas and pages for viewing previous meeting.s

  2. Cheers Richard - I updated the post to reflect the home of VAN.