Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Preparing July Session

At our last meeting we had a long discussion about the general architecture of a Domain-Driven application. While I think most of us have a pretty good understanding of the parts and how they interact it was suggested that we should have another Coding Dojo to build something together and really explore this space.

We’ll build a small part of an application around the AdventureWorks database (hey, it’s there right?). This should consist of a small domain model (2 or 3 classes) and a couple of screens. A lot to get through in one session but we might continue this offline afterwards.

We won’t have internet access as usual so I’d like to stock up on the required tools before we go in. I already have VSTS 2008 Developer Edition, Gallio, MbUnit, NHibernate, Linq to NHibernate, FlunetNHibernate, ASP.NET MVC and Unity on my laptop. What else do we need / would like?

Also, if we stick to the normal meeting date it will by Wednesday, July 8th. As this is my wife’s birthday I’d best move it to one of the other days that week (or buy a very comfy couch). If anyone has a preference let me know otherwise I’m leaning towards Thursday 9th (they have $13 beer and pizza on Thursdays).


  1. Are we going to do this in TDD style?

    Cause that would be really interesting.

    My thoughts on software/tools:
    * Rhino Mocks
    * Test Driven .NET
    * Source Control...?


    P.S. Thursday is fine with me...

  2. Tools look good to me. I reckon we could do a whole talk on source control/deployment/versioning/branching/merging etc


  3. Sounds great, except I'm flying to Canberra on Wednesday afternoon :(

    If the date is flexible then Tuesday or earlier would be better for me, otherwise I'll have to see you all at the next one.

    Jake (the new guy)