Wednesday, September 23, 2009

October Session – Castle Active record

Update: Next Wednesday is the 7th of October not the 8th. Thanks to Anne and Jake for pointing this out.

The next session of the Perth ALT.NET group will be Wednesday 8th 7th Oct. Instead of throwing us in the deep end with NHibernate Rhys Campbell is going to show us Castle Active Record.

Castle AR is a great tool kit built on top of NHibernate for mapping a simple domain model onto a highly similar data schema. The AR pattern is great for getting started on projects (or dealing with simple projects) and Castle AR is a good implementation with a nice migration story into full NHibernate when you outgrow it’s capabilities.

Rhys has written a post containing a bunch of resources about Castle AR here.

Finally, I’m switching employers between now and then which means that a) I won’t have a laptop and b) I’m not certain that I’ll have access to a projector. If anyone thinks they’ll be able to provide either of these items please flick me an email.

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  1. G'day - just a quick note to say thanks to Rhys for the presentation last week. Looking forward to my second session next month!

    Garth (one of the newbies)